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We can solve any turning challenge with an affordable solution

SwissTek A7 with angular driven tools in Z-axis on main spindle

Angle adjustable from 0- 90°

SwissTek 20A7 with driven tools in Z-axis on main spindle

SwissTek 20A7 with 10 OD Tool positions on Mainspindel

Application : Compex groovings in long shafts

SwissTek: Micromachining Complex Parts on Swiss-Type CNC Lathe

In this small world, we do not need machines that deliver high power or torque to cut the material, instead, we must concentrate on precision, thermal behaviour and repeat-ability.

Robotturn SwissTek A4 with high speed air spindles for live tooling: dental implants production

Special dental lathe - small hole drilling at 18000rpm

SwissTek : Micromachining for Medical and Dental

Robotturn SwissTek A7 with high frequency air spindles for driven tools - Special lathe for dental implants

Micro holes Drilling at 18000 - 24000 - 30000 rpm - dental implant lathe