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Our fully integrated Affordable Robot gantry loader automation will boosts your CNC Production

Robotturn opens a new market at affordable prices.

Robotturn Flexy-Cell : more than TURNING

Flexible Robot systems based on a standard platform to execute a wide range of handling tasks in one Turning Cell

Robotturn has the technical knowledge and experience to handle the most demanding and challenging projects from concept to a fully commissioned automated turning systems. With our extensive portfolio of standard equipment to draw upon, Robotturn will manufacture a bespoke system to suit your requirements and needs.

The robotturn robotic lathes offers low cost, high mechanical reliability, excellent versatility and short cycle times with a wide variety of components. An installed system is easy to operate and has the added benefit of a short set up time between products. The shortest possible payback time and minimal operator intervention are at the forefront of all Robotturn systems. With the Robotturn it is possible to automate small or large batches and achieve good profitability even with annual volumes as low as a few hundred components. The Robotturn philosophy is to deliver a system that is “Future Proof”.

"Zero loss time" servo loader

Robotturn®  robotized, compact turning center equipped with built-in robot and parts pallet system is engineered to handle complex turning applications and maximize productivity. Robotized turning cells are designed to be the perfect solution for a cost effective production.

"Zero loss time" servo loader

The loader has a high-speed loading cycle time of 1,5 -12 seconds per full sequence of loading/unloading.  The exceptional total balance that has been achieved by integrating the loader with the machine has lead not only to high productivity but also a broad range of other benefits including space savings and joint maintenance during after service.

  • Machine equipped with a dedicated controller that enables even a novice to complete setup reliably and simply.
  • Since the loader is installed on the  machine itself, no additional space is used (space savings).
  • A new type of linear guide that does require a minimum lubrication is used, cutting running costs.

Standard integrated active dimensional soft quality control with quality control chute

Prevent defective products by detecting tool wear

Soft quality check counter with Quality check chute
Finished workpieces every preset numbers are periodically discharged to outside machine in the quality chute. If the operator is not checking this parts in time the production will stop as the machine can not guarantee perfect parts. This prevents producing scrap parts. Operators can get warning by Sound or light signal or by SMS or message. This prevent you from making wrong parts

Standard integrated parts cleaning drying station

Saves hundreds of euro coolant liquid per month and delivers dry and clean parts.

Standard work cleaning/air-blow station

This Flexy-cell Standard equipment allows cleaning/drying the workpiece using dry air.  This work cleaning system is designed to remove adhered chips, coolant liquids, dust etc. before transferring the workpiece out of the machine. Keeps your machine environment clean and dry. 

Saves enormously quantity of coolant-liquid

Every part that is not dryed takes wwith him some drops of coolant liquid. This 24/24 results in several liter of coolant liquid lost per day. As good coolant additive is VERY EXPENSIVE, by blowing th eparts clean and dry, we not only give better and cleaner parts, but we save montly several hundreds EUROS per machine in coolant recuperation.

Robotturn cleaning station and transport belt unloading

Programmable NO-CRASH Safety Zones.

Perfect interaction between Robot and lathe without any risk of crashes.


In a majority of the applications, the integrated gantry loader is able to handle the workpiece through all the peripherals, without the necessity for any additional handling units or robots. Robotturn’s automation solutions are ultimately economical and help in reducing the cost per work piece finally, even in low wages countries like India, China, East Europe and Brazil where traditionally labour cost is considered very cheap. 

The Robotturn technical team is fully geared up to give the best application proposals for CNC turning machines with integrated automation. Talk with them to get an affordable and profitable robotized solution.


Our automation is without any limits.

Special application: ask us for an economical and affordable solution!

An Integral, Intelligent CNC Gantry Loader Offers Versatile Automation

AI : Artificial intelligence serving people

Robottrun XF - XS Gantry loader

Model Sigma 60

Fully "in" CNC integrated Gantry loader control = high speed direct communication

Gantry Loader/robot is fully integrated in the CNC controller

Easy Loader Programming
The loader travel pattern is well defined with system requirement. By just establishing teach points on the variables, the loader program is

Parts rotating units automated by robot

Both side turning on a single spindle lathe

Years of experience made it possible to use a single spindle lathe for two-side turning. Many applications of 2-side turning can be done on a single spindle robotturn. 

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