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The Robotturn® Challenge:

Affordable unmanned cnc turning


A revolutionary and affordable total solution for

the integrated loading and unloading of your CNC turning parts.


Your market in the metalworking industry has changed significantly in recent years.

Your customers are more demanding than even before.

They expect you to supply at cheaper prices, but they also demand smaller series and faster delivery times. At the same time, you must deal with rising labour costs, more competitors and a lack of CNC operators.  To counter this difficult market evolution, Robotturn® offers you highly affordable self loading unmanned automatic Turning cells . 



Robotturn X-Series : Affordable Robotized unmanned turning Cells

Robotturn SwissTek : Affordable Automatic Swiss type turning Cells

Robotturn-II: X-Series

Robotturn-III: X-Vision Series

Affordable Robotized unmanned turning Cells

X-series: with integrated gantry robot loader

X-Vision Series: with integrated Vision camera and 4 axis gantry loader


No compromise on quality!

Packed with industry leading technology and top-quality components, the Robotturn®  X-series flexy cells combine power, strength, and speed to bring you the Ultimate Machining Power. These high speed machines will easily accomplish the demanding turning applications of today and tomorrow. Furthermore, with available live tooling and C-axis capabilities; milling, turning applications may be completed in one single machine.

The new design provides smooth chip disposal and easier operator access. Steel way covers and special steel wipers moulded with industrial strength rubber are used for durability. Fully enclosed splashguards keep chips and coolant contained for a safe clean working environment. The auto lubrication system delivers metered amounts of lubrication to the slide ways, ball screws, and vital components. 

Robotturn SwissTek -Series

Affordable Automatic Swiss type turning Cells

CNC 8 axis sliding head turning machines with subspindle


It has never been easier and more affordable to own and run a quality CNC Swiss turn lathe

The Swisstek Series is the latest addition to the Robotturn Machines, with flexibility to work with or without guide bushing. This model has full "C" axis on the Main/Sub Spindles with a variety of live tooling for main and back work. The flexibility of the Swisstek-Series machines offer performance that meets a variety of manufacturing needs throughout various industries.

The Swisstek brings an impressive versatility to CNC Sliding Headstock machining. With a selection of tool posts and cartridge type units available, this outstanding early entry sliding head lathe can perform numerous machining operations. The variation of tooling layouts really do make this an ideal machine for the modern Sub Contract Manufacturer.

The flexibility of the Swisstek Series is further enhanced by its ability to switch between Guide Bush Mode (Swiss type) and Non Guide Bush Mode. The fully independent sub spindle with driven tool capability further enhances this 12/20/26mm machine by increasing the amount of overlapped operations.

Highly affordable Robotized quality turning Cell

Fastest ROI in the market!


Robotturn guarantees you a good profit again!

As today, in Europe, good skilled machine operators are extreme difficult to find, it is a real challenge for many manufacturers to bring them in and keep them.
Adding to that problem the fact that your skilled employees are spending their valuable time handling material, loading and unloading parts and completing other low level tasks, which is certainly not the optimal use of their talents. By automating some lower-skill-level procedures, you will be able to improve throughput and use your employees to their fullest potential.
In plus we do challenge a much bigger problem everybody is aware of: labour-cost, the biggest expense from the production process, is dramatically increasing
To compete with countries with labour rates far under ours and with companies non-respecting working times, we must always be looking for ways to do the job better, faster and with fewer labour hours for each part produced and this with less people.
To counter this difficult market evolution, Robotturn® has designed together with a great maker with many years’ experience as OEM lathe manufacturer for big names, a range of affordable compact flexy turning cells for unmanned or minimally staffed manufacturing.
For turning bar material, pre-formed blanks, long shafts and parts with a diameter larger than the spindle capacity, we offer different models of lathes with an integrated gantry Robot-loader-unloader for fully automatic loading/unloading and unmanned operation.
Automated processes now offer the highest potentials for increase of productivity. By automating tasks that require lesser skills, you will be able to increase throughput and use your operators to their fullest potential. At the same time, consistent production quality is achieved. This leads to economic success and the growing pressure of rising costs is countered efficiently.
Robotturn® has developed this new AFFORDABLE Robot-turning-cells based on over 25 years of experience in the metalworking industry. No one understands better than us that metalworking companies are struggling to stay in the market. Customers expect shorter delivery times, margins are under pressure, and there is a growing shortage of skilled operators. Moreover, the exisiting expensive CNC machines have an insufficient number of spindle hours.


The mission of Robotturn® is to help metalworking companies become more profitable immediately, even when producing smaller series. The new Robotturn©-II turning cells provides a standard and easily accessible solution, which is successfully being used by many companies.

Grip this chance for more profit with both hands.

By investing in our Robotturn® you will immediately realize the following key benefits :

1 - Robotturn® increases your production output, machine efficiency and profits:

  • ​​​​​One operator can operate more than one machine at the same time, improving the utilization rate of your machine park.
  • Automation lowers labour costs, as the average labour costs are 5 to 8 times higher than the average depreciation cost per hour of the robot.
  • You realize extra output because the actual spindle hours no longer exclusively depend on the regular working hours. Also within regular working hours you realize more output, because the robot has no breaks or downtime. You can better respond to small or unexpected orders, because of the quick set-up time of the profiturn production cell and because it can also be run outside regular working hours.
  • Lower inventory levels due to shorter lead time.

2 - Robotturn® reduces your production cost drastically:

Increased efciency :  Automated supply to the CNC machine ensures consistent high quality and a much higher output.

  • The required man hours for operation can be reduced from 8 hours to less than 1 hour.
  • Production costs decrease because the labour costs of an operator are much higher than the depreciation costs of the Profiturn production Cell.
  • The additional machining hours at a lower cost immediately result in higher production output and higher profitability
  • The payback period of this investment is 6-12 months.

3 - Your qualified operators are better utilized:

​​​​​ Operators are qualified to set up and program CNC machines. Most of the time, however, they are engaged in tedious and repetitive work.

  • The Robotturn® takes over this work, allowing your qualified operators to focus on work preparation, testing, configuring other machines, and creating CNC programs.
  • The content of their job therefore becomes more appealing and the operators become more efficient.

Robotturn is affordable! Do the sums: which investment must be made and what is the return on investment?

Check yourself : We have the highest ROI in the market. Pay back your investment within ONE year

Flexible systems based on a standard platform to solve a wide range of handling tasks and with multi-industry applications.

Robotturn has the technical knowledge and experience to handle the most demanding and challenging projects from concept to a fully commissioned automated turning systems. With our extensive portfolio of standard equipment to draw upon, Robotturn will manufacture a bespoke system to suit your requirements and needs.

The robotturn robotic lathes offers low cost, high mechanical reliability, excellent versatility and short cycle times with a wide variety of components. An installed system is easy to operate and has the added benefit of a short set up time between products. The shortest possible payback time and minimal operator intervention are at the forefront of all Robotturn systems. With the Robotturn it is possible to automate small or large batches and achieve good profitability even with annual volumes as low as a few hundred components. The Robotturn philosophy is to deliver a system that is “Future Proof”.

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