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Only the best brands in CNC controllers

Get more for less!!

As a CNC controller is the heart of a production machine, reliability is the most important factor today.

Robotturn® selected the 3 most reliable suppliers on the market today to serve our robotized turning cells. Fanuc and Siemens as the most sold controllers in the world and Syntec as the best value in the market, fully stuffed with all the thinkable options.

Our Standard machines are equipped with the high speed Syntec TA controller with 500/1000 block ahead reading function, all turning cycles, high speed computing, graphical interface, mechatrolink® serial bus, etc. Syntec, based on long term OEM production for major Japanese CNC makers, offers a reliable high quality and a great value for money CNC package, including many more options than any other maker for which you must not pay extra.

We defined that ANY machine operator should be able to use our Robotturn.

Our concept is meant to make turning more accessible, profitable and affordable.

Extended Controller specifications

What does this button do on my robot controller?

Is this your operator's daily problem?

Is this not a question your machine operator is daily confronted with?

Perhaps you recognize the complex controller shown here?

Perhaps you find it scary to look at, let alone interact with?

It clearly radiates a complex and technical nature of interaction and understanding.

You most likely need extensive training to control that thing - right?

Time for a change

Robot graphic HMI - Human Machine Interface

The complex pendant controller every robot maker is using is a huge bottleneck in most of the workshops.


The challenge for Us consisted of redesigning the interface of the Robot. Rather than a pendant with hundreds of unknown buttons, that has been the standard since forever, we took a very innovative decision to use an interactive touchscreen with very simple graphic interaction, to control the robot-loader and kept the Lathe controller as standard.

This means that the lathe can be used as standard CNC machine to make one single piece manually without interaction of the robot. All possible loading-unloading cycles are pre-programmed and the operator need only to fill in some of the values of the different stop/start points in the graphic interface. Simpler is not possible!

No robotics experience is required for the graphical robot controller. Our robot is already completely pre-programmed, so that the operator only needs to enter a few parameters.

This means a new series can be started in a matter of minutes.


G-code list with extended functions standard in Robotturn

Our controller offers more than the Fanuc controller reference controller

Fanuc Ot G-Code List      
Fanuc Robotturn    
G Code Extra G-code Function  
G00   Positioning (Rapid traverse)  
G01   Linear interpolation (Cutting feed)  
G02   Circular interpolation CW or helical interpolation CW  
  G02.1   Elliptical cutting (clockwise) (G02.1) 
  G02.2   Parabolic cutting (clockwise) (G02.2) 
G03   Circular interpolation CCW or helical interpolation CCW  
G04   Dwell  
G07.1(G107)   Cylindrical interpolation Cylindrical interpolation (G07.1) 
G08   Advanced preview control  
G10   Programmable data input  
G11   Programmable data input cancel  
G12.1(G112)   Polar coordinate interpolation mode Activate polar coordinate interpolation (G12.1) 
G13.1(G113)   Polar coordinate interpolation cancel mode  
G17   X Y plane selection  
G18   Z X plane selection  
G19   Y Z plane selection  
G20   Input in inch  
G21   Input in mm  
  G20   External radius / internal radius lathing and cutting cycle (G20) 
  G21   Threaded lathing and cutting cycle (G21) 
  G21.2   Threaded lathing and cutting mid-phase blade entry cycle (G21.2) 
G22   Stored stroke check function on  
G23   Stored stroke check function off  
  G24   Edge and surface lathing and cutting cycle (G24) 
G25   Spindle speed fluctuation detection off  
G26   Spindle speed fluctuation detection on  
G27   Reference position return check  
G28   Return to reference position  
G30   2nd, 3rd and 4th reference position return  
G31   Skip function  
G32   Thread cutting  
  G33   Thread cutting (G33) 
G34   Variable—lead thread cutting  
G36   Automatic tool compensation X  
G37   Automatic tool compensation Z  
G40   Tool nose radius compensation cancel  
G41   Tool nose radius compensation left  
G42   Tool nose radius compensation right  
G50   Coordinate system setting or max. spindle speed setting  
G50.3   Workpiece coordinate system preset  
G50.2(G250)   Polygonal turning cancel  
G51.2(G251)   Polygonal turning  
G52   Local coordinate system setting  
G53   Machine coordinate system setting  
G54   Workpiece coordinate system 1 selection Operating coordinate system configuration (G54~G59.9) 
G55   Workpiece coordinate system 2 selection  
G56   Workpiece coordinate system 3 selection  
G57   Workpiece coordinate system 4 selection  
G58   Workpiece coordinate system 5 selection  
G59   Workpiece coordinate system 6 selection  
  G59.1 - G59.9   9 extra coordinate systems
G65   Macro calling  
G66   Macro modal call  
G67   Macro modal call cancel  
G68   Mirror image for double turrets ON  
  G68.2   Tilted surface processing (G68.2) 
G69   Mirror image for double turrets OFF  
G70   Finishing cycle  
G71   Stock removal in turning  
G72   Stock removal in facing Duplex cutting cycles (G72~G78) 
G73   Pattern repeating  
G74   End face peck drilling  
G75   Outer diameter/internal diameter drilling  
G76   Multiple threading cycle  
  G77   Outer Diameter/Internal Diameter Drilling Cycle (G77)
  G78   Multiple Thread Cutting Cycle (G78)..
G80   Canned cycle for drilling cancel  
G83   Cycle for face drilling  
G84   Cycle for face tapping  
G86   Cycle for face boring  
G87   Cycle for side drilling  
G88   Cycle for side tapping  
G89   Cycle for side boring  
G90   Outer diameter/internal diameter cutting cycle  
G92   Thread cutting cycle  
  G92.1   Default absolute zero coordinated system (G92.1) 
  G93   Inversed time feed (G93) 
G94   Endface turning cycle  
G96   Constant surface speed control  
G97   Constant surface speed control cancel  
G98   Per minute feed  
G99   Per revolution feed  
  G114.1   Spindle synchronization function (G114.1) 
  G114.3   Spindle bearing function (G114.3) 

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