Profitable automation is now also within the reach of small-scale machining shops!

First of all, it’s no longer a surprise that large metalworking companies can easily make their machines more profitable with automation. That’s all very nice, but how are things looking for small-scale machining shops – the jobbers?

Profitable automation for small-scale machining shops

Since a small-scale machining company often produces a variety of products in varying quantities. Therefore an order can suddenly come in at any time, for a small number of workpieces.

In short: production is dynamic and unpredictable. Automating these processes is not simple or easy.

This group of machining shops are convinced, and rightly so, that classic automation solutions are too restrictive and risky for them. After all, they’re not really interested in a system that can handle only one group of products or that is set up to work with a single machine.

Fortunately, Robotturn will chang all this, by introducing integrated, affordable, flexible and multifunctional automation options on a CNC lathe.

Flexible multifunctional automation

Are you interested in benefiting from automation, even though you produce many different types of products, in varying production runs, and on different machines?

Then there is an automation solution available that meets your needs: robotturn.

This form of automation is compact and intended for fully flexible use. It allows you to use the same system to automate the production of a wide variety of products. Large and small. Round and square.

This is the flexibility you live every day in your workplace. The intelligent and user-friendly user interface also allows you to combine several production runs and produce them in a single cycle. This means that you can even produce series of only a few pieces efficiently and without any human intervention – even after the lights have been turned off.

What can Robotturn do for you?

Easy to see: small production runs, unpredictable demand, and varying product shapes are no longer an obstacle to production automation.

If your automation solution is a flexible one, you can produce more profitably. A solution such as Robotturn soon pays for itself, even if you only use it 4 hours a day.

How? Your margins improve in three ways:

  • lower wage costs
  • increased productivity per hour
  • the ability to run production continuously for longer periods

You can use this to improve your profit margin or to reduce your sales price per product.

The latter option means a small-scale machining shop can position itself better in the market, by staying ahead of the competition.