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Robottturn®-III - Vision

Affordable Unmanned Automatic Turning Cell with Integrated Auto Loader and integrated vision system

By keeping all the things simple, we can control our cost better than whoever and we can guarantee a reliable and efficient production.

Vision integrated in CNC controller

Robottturn®-III - Vision-cell

Affordable Unmanned Automatic Turning Cell with Integrated Auto Loader with Robot Vision

Robottturn with Robot Vision function - the real auto-loading function

soon available (march 2020)

Benefits of an Robotturn©-III include:

  • Repeatable accuracy and improved quality of production (increases more than 25%)
  • Minimizes human error & improves ergonomic conditions
  • Short ROI & lower overhead cost compared to manual machine tending
  • fully unmanned working: machine sees the part, take the part, load the mart, tunr and mill the part, unload the part, dry and clean the part, stack the part
  • Increased machine and system utilization & capable of 24/7 machine tending
  • Reduces drastically your labor costs
  • increases your output per Person without pushing them to the limit
  • Your operators get a nicer job-contence

Machine Vision System

Vision Alignment System

Combined with vision system, the offset and rotation information of work piece can be obtained and compensated into controller. By this way, the machining accuracy can be significantly improved.

Our vision system provides simple and intuitive manipulation and teaching interface and is very convenient for users’ setting.

Easy To Manipulate

All operations are reached on the controller

Teach Pendant

Controller only, another monitor or control box is unnecessary.

Easy To Use

Provide standard alignment macro for general application. For different size of work piece, users only need to modify parameters.

Easy To Set Up

Provide waterproof box. All the vision accessories are calibrated and set up inside. Users only need to install the waterproof box.

Easy To Customize

Through eHMI, users can easily modify the browser layout.

High Openness

Modify macro parameter to reach different needs.

High Compatibility

Support Cognex, Keyence, and Omron visual system.


Robotturn guarantees you a good profit again!

As today, in Europe, good skilled machine operators are extreme difficult to find, it is a real challenge for many manufacturers to bring them in and keep them.

Adding to that problem the fact that your skilled employees are spending their valuable time handling material, loading and unloading parts and completing other low level tasks, which is certainly not the optimal use of their talents. By automating some lower-skill-level procedures, you will be able to improve throughput and use your employees to their fullest potential.

In plus we do challenge a much bigger problem everybody is aware of: labour-cost, the biggest expense from the production process, is dramatically increasing

To compete with countries with labour rates far under ours and with companies non-respecting working times, we must always be looking for ways to do the job better, faster and with fewer labour hours for each part produced and this with less people.

To counter this difficult market evolution, Robotturn® has designed together with a great maker with many years’ experience as OEM lathe manufacturer for big names, a range of affordable compact flexy turning cells for unmanned or minimally staffed manufacturing.

For turning bar material, pre-formed blanks, long shafts and parts with a diameter larger than the spindle capacity, we offer different models of lathes with an integrated gantry Robot-loader-unloader for fully automatic loading/unloading and unmanned operation.

Automated processes now offer the highest potentials for increase of productivity. By automating tasks that require lesser skills, you will be able to increase throughput and use your operators to their fullest potential. At the same time, consistent production quality is achieved. This leads to economic success and the growing pressure of rising costs is countered efficiently.

Robotturn® has developed this new Robot-cells based on over 25 years of experience in the metalworking industry. No one understands better than us that metalworking companies are struggling to stay in the market. Customers expect shorter delivery times, margins are under pressure, and there is a growing shortage of skilled operators. Moreover, the expensive CNC machines have an insufficient number of spindle hours.

The mission of Robotturn® is to help metalworking companies become more profitable immediately, even when producing smaller series. The new Robot-cells provides a standard and easily accessible solution, which is successfully being used by many companies.

Only the best brands in CNC controllers

Get more for less!!

As a CNC controller is the heart of a production machine, reliability is the most important factor today. Robotturn® selected the 3 most reliable suppliers on the market today to serve our robotized turning cells. Fanuc and Siemens as the most sold controllers in the world and Syntec as the best value in the market, fully stuffed with all the thinkable options. Our Standard machines are equipped with the high speed Syntec TA controller with 500/1000 block ahead reading function, all turning cycles, high speed computing, graphical interface, mechatrolink® serial bus, etc. Syntec, based on long term OEM production for major Japanese CNC makers, offers a reliable high quality and a great value for money CNC package, including many more options than any other maker for which you must not pay extra.

Do you want to know all about our Robotturn ?

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He will explain you all about our Machines.

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