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Automated standard units

Ready made units for you to engineer together your production cell : Simple as LEGO


We have developed various automation systems for each of our machines which all have some things in common: affordable, ease-of use, autonomy, unmanned and affordable. We offer and adapt our own systems according to the specifications in question, whether this relates to a basic workpiece removal system or a full system able to load, orient and accurately position slugs and clean (by blowing), quality check and palletise the finished workpieces.

Automatic pallet feeder for loading and unloading

Automatic pallet feeder with 20 pallets

Automatic auto-sorting and aligning table for fast loading

Automatic dual pallet tray system for loading unloading

All dimensions are available

Automatic multi tray system with loading and unloading

Automatic dimensional measuring and controlling system

free standing parts turn-over station

Station shifting and turnover unit

Quality controll station with active SPC controll and toolcorrection

This is only a small grip out of our automation components available

Ask for your machine configuration with our standard components


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