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Join the Swiss turn revolution.

It has never been easier and more affordable to own and run a quality CNC Swiss turn lathe

Robotturn Swisstek - III-th Generation

Affordable high tech Swiss type complex turning cells

Our SwissTek Series is an affordable range of Swiss type Turning machines.


Robotturn offers an extensive family of turning machine solutions, including Swiss-type CNC lathes or Sliding Headstock Type lathes, with or without Removable Guide Bushing (for shorter parts) that can handle diameters ranging from 2mm – 26mm at an affordable price without sacrificing quality.

The impressive machining versatility of the SwissTek Series helps to improve productivity, whilst the compact footprint and low energy consumption make these machines easy to accommodate and cost-effective to run.

With a flexible set-up for turning and milling and a removable guide bush for shorter parts (shorter bar remnant = more parts per bar), the Robotturn SwissTek series is ideal for producing parts accurately and efficiently.

All Robotturn-SwisTek Series machines come fully loaded with a high end control, revolving guide bushing, removable guide bushing for short parts, part catcher, part conveyor, chip conveyor and full hydrostatic bar feeder. Each machine we sell is backed by our experienced service department and is guaranteed to deliver the most value for your money.

Robotturn works hard to offer the highest quality products available at an offordable pricing because quality parts and craftsmanship keep your machine running longer and more efficiently.


High speed swiss type turning Cells - Sliding Head turning lathe

SwissTek Series


SwissTek 12

Ø 12 mm


SwissTek 20

Ø 20 mm


SwissTek 26

Ø 26 mm



SwissTek Series : From simple to complex machining

4-Axis --- 7-Axis --- 8-Axis

SwissTek A4-Series

Single Spindel


Ø : 12 - 20 - 26mm

Go to SwissTek-A4 Series

SwissTek A7-Series

With Sub-Spindle


Ø : 12 - 20 - 26mm

Go to SwissTek-A7 Series

SwissTek A8-Series

With Sub-Spindle


Ø :  20 - 26mm

Go to SwissTek A8- Series

One concept of machine - endless tooling combinations

Originally designed to efficiently process long, slender parts for the watchmaking industry, Swiss-style lathes have evolved. The general concept of what it means for a machine to be “Swiss,” however, hasn’t changed much. To qualify for that categorization, a machine must have a sliding headstock and guide bushing. As the headstock moves, it feeds the bar stock past cutting tools, which remain close to the bushing support. However, modifications to Swiss-style machines have opened up new opportunities for the production of more complex parts more rapidly than ever before.

So what’s new in Swiss-style machine tool design? In a word, “more.” There are more tools and tooling options, axes, high-pressure cutting fluid options and more-powerful CNCs. The machines have evolved to offer more because of the demands of the industries they support, including medical, aerospace and electronics.

Single piece casted bed

Machines in ONE single Clamping

High precision lineair guideways and Ball-screws

High precision powerful direct drive spindle motors with forced oil cooling

NO Belt drive - High speed acceleration and deceleration

10.000 rpm spindle speed standard for all SwissTek Machines

Advanced Spindle Technology

The built-in spindle design reduces centrifugal force effect and restrains spindle vibration,
which increases the spindle life span and improves long-term machining accuracy.

Built-in motor spindle on front and back spindles

Built-in motors are extremely compact and achieve maximum rigidity, a requirement for achieving maximum speeds and exact concentricity.

Built-in motor spindle have high power up to high speed and maintain high precision and low vibration all in one simple mechanical structure.

Built-in main and back spindle motors increase tooling accuracy.

Precision High Responsive Temperature Control with oil cooler: each motorized spindle is equipped with an internal and external temperature sensor.

Circulating oil cooling: The cooling circulating channel is used to cool the spindle in order to keep its temperature within a certain range and ensure the service life and axial accuracy of the spindle.


High dynamic rotation accuracy =

High gloss effect result + good surface machining quality = good surface texture.

High static rotation accuracy = 

The end face run-out of the shaft end of the motorized spindle and the run-out in the taper hole are ≤0.003mm 

The vibration of the spindle is ≤0.8mm/s.


Hybrid Guide Bush

Convertible to Chucker in Minutes

The flexibility of the Swisstek Series is enhanced by its ability to switch between Guide Bush Mode (Swiss type) and Non Guide Bush Mode. With the rough material chucking option, a user can easily convert the SwissTek series to run without the guide bushing.  For parts with less overhang (machining length less than 3 times the bar diameter ), the rough material chucking option allows the main spindle to extend into the cutting area.

This added capability lowers running costs by leaving a shorter bar remnant and allowing the use of less expensive non-ground bar

Changing from one configuration to another only takes minutes, allowing the user to choose to run the machine either with or without guide bushing as the needs change. A special interfacing mechanical design of guide bush can be mounted or dismounted based on the actual situation. It is more flexible in use and save cost on facility and space in the factory.

With Guide Bush
Without Guide Bush
Suitable for long bar work-piece: increased precision

Suitable for short workpieces : reduced losses

Convert to chucker mode in minutes

With the increase in material cost in recent years, it’s great that SwissTek Series have chucker mode to reduce waste. In chucker mode, the machine doesn’t require the space between the guide bushing and the collet so there is less bar remnant. Chucker mode does not require the use of ground bar stocks, so it is suitable for cheaper cold-drawn bar machining.
In addition, the powerful chucking force enables heavy cutting, minimizes roughness and improves roundness. The user can choose between guide bushing mode or chucker mode according to the length of the part to be produced and be able to convert to chucker mode in minute

Easy removable coolant tank and chip conveyor for cleaning - Independant from Machine

No thermal contact with coolant and Machine bed : Thermal much more stable production.

Swiss-type CNC screw machines

Like other kinds of lathes, a Swiss-type CNC screw machine allows workers to cut, drill, or otherwise manipulate a workpiece along an axis of rotation in order to guarantee symmetry along that axis. It gets its name from the region it was originally invented in, as Swiss watchmakers initially used them to make the tiny screws for clocks, which helped cement their reputation for making the best timepieces on the entire planet. Today, a Swiss-type CNC, also known as a Swiss Screw Machine, is a type of lathe that is perfect for manufacturing a huge range of parts and pieces.

The Difference

The quality that makes a Swiss CNC screw machine unique from other machines is that it provides material with additional support through what’s called a guide-bushing. The guide-bushing is fitted around the material and prevents a large amount of the bar stock being exposed, which provides rigidity and allows the machine to hold a tight tolerance better than other kinds of lathes.

The Wide Range of Possibilities

While the name Swiss screw machine implies that it is only useful for making screws or other threaded parts, there is actually a wide range of projects and parts that this machine is capable of making. Because of the rigidity and support that the machine provides, turned parts that are long, slender, and detailed are particularly well-suited to being made by a Swiss-type lathe. Of course, Swiss screw machines aren’t only limited to the small and slender. All kinds of parts can be machined on them, to the point where the all major manufacturers in the defense, medical, and aerospace industries rely on Swiss-Type CNC Screw Machines to make many of the parts that their complicated designs include.

A Swiss CNC screw machine is a fantastic addition to any manufacturing floor. 

Difference for your parts when using a guid bush or not

Flexible systems based on a standard platform to solve a wide range of handling tasks and with multi-industry applications.

Robotturn has the technical knowledge and experience to handle the most demanding and challenging projects from concept to a fully commissioned automated turning systems. With our extensive portfolio of standard equipment to draw upon, Robotturn will manufacture a bespoke system to suit your requirements and needs.

The robotturn SwissTek Swiss type lathes offers low cost, high mechanical reliability, excellent versatility and short cycle times with a wide variety of components. An installed system is easy to operate and has the added benefit of a short set up time between products. The shortest possible payback time and minimal operator intervention are at the forefront of all Robotturn systems. With the Robotturn it is possible to automate small or large batches and achieve good profitability even with annual volumes as low as a few hundred components. The Robotturn philosophy is to deliver a system that is “Future Proof”.

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