Repetitive manual labor jobs are notorious for not only boring your skilled and valued employees, but also for causing bodily harm. Robotics can eliminate both of these problems.

Machine tending is not a glamorous job. It is often repetitive, boring, and plagued by injuries caused by working with heavy machinery. However, it’s also a task for which robotics is perfectly suited. This intelligent, collaborative robot can be programmed to perform almost all CNC applications such as varied cycle times, loading and unloading parts and finishing operations. Robotics can also be programmed to operate a number of different machines, allowing this robot to perform several different assembly and machining phases. Using robotics for CNC machining tasks has two distinct benefits.

Free Up Skilled Employees

Your skilled employees are a precious asset. Using robotics to perform boring and repetitive tasks allows your employees to use their many years of accumulated knowledge on tasks that are more beneficial to your company. Freeing your employees from dull and repetitive labor will boost job satisfaction and increase employee morale. By combining the work of your skilled employees with the efficiency of automation, productivity increases.

Reduces Workplace Injuries

When you eliminate human employees from dangerous CNC machine tending tasks, you also enjoy the added benefit of reduced workplace injuries. Injuries caused by heavy machinery for CNC applications performed by robotics drop to zero. Injuries caused by repetitive actions and ergonomic discomfort are also greatly reduced.