The Robotturn® Challenge

Your market in the metalworking industry has changed significantly in recent years.

Your customers are more demanding than even before. They expect you to supply at cheaper prices, but they also demand smaller series and faster delivery times. At the same time, you must deal with rising labour costs, more competitors and a lack of CNC operators.

To counter this difficult market evolution Robotturn® offers you an affordable high effective solution : “flexy cell”.



What does our Robotturn® Flexicell offers you?

Our Flexicell turning centers are designed to exceed the challenging requirements of your parts production.

The Robotturn series provide its operator with maximum freedom of movement in front of the machine. No limitations by units in front of the machine, total safety by build-in robot.

No robotics experience is required for the graphical robot controller. Our robot is already completely pre-programmed, so that the operator only needs to enter a few parameters. This means a new series can be started in a matter of minutes.

Thanks to the flexible loading system, you can set up a new series during the production process. Only a minimal amount of floor space, is required because the loading table is fully integrated and can be filled at the side or in front. Stacking stations for all round workpieces offer a high storage capacity on a small surface, for shorter workpieces. The Robotturn measures the height of the stack itself and the robot knows exactly where the workpieces need to be picked up and put back.

Standard universal 2- 3- or 4-finger grippers, suitable for any form of workpieces are handling the parts with care. The jaws of the gripper are quickly adjustable so that setup for a new workpiece is reduced to a minimum. All grippers have sensors, which continuously check the status of the grippers to guarantee operational safety. The grippers can also be provided with an air-blow cleaning system that blows the chuck clean.

Wide access door for fast setup and clear view. Machine can be used easily without the robot as standard lathe.

All our machines are prepared to receive an optional bar-feeder to increase the automation to another level.

The auto lubrication system delivers metered amounts of lubrication to the slide ways, ball screws, and vital components.

The base of our Robotturn consists of a rigid single piece Meechanite casted bed structure, made of high quality cast iron featuring high stability and good vibration dampening capacity.

We only use the best controllers on the market: Syntec as our Robotturn standard: reliable and stuffed with much more options than any other controller, at a very attractive price. Fanuc and Siemens are our second choice!

Perfect chip flow, big coolant tank with high pressure coolant pump and space for an optional chip conveyor.

Hydraulic operated quality 3 jaw chuck as standard included, special chucks on demand.

High precision, high speed gang-type tool changer as standard. Optional available: rotating tools, turret, y-axis,…

High precision Main spindle with or without C-axis. Belt driven or Direct driven.

Optional part rotation system.

Quality control chute.

Parts conveyor to front to back.


Check yourself!

  • XF125
  • Max turning length: 200 mm
  • Max turning diameter: 200 mm
  • Hydraulic 3-jaw chuck included: 150 mm
  • B-Gantry Servo robot (2X)
  • 8 station pallet feeder
  • 2 x SMC robot-gripper
  • Price FOT starting at: 58 950 €

Yes! Check yourself!

  • XS150
  • Max turning length: 330 mm
  • Max turning diameter: 270 mm
  • Hydraulic 3-jaw chuck included: 200 mm
  • B-Gantry Servo robot (2X)
  • 8 station pallet feeder
  • 2 x SMC robot-gripper
  • Price FOT starting at: 68 950 €

Immediately increase your profit with
our standard cells!

vibrating in feeder

Vibrating in feeder

tray in out feeder

Multi tray in/out feeder


Pallet in/out feeder

out feeder

Tray in/out feeder

shaft in out feeder

Shaft in/out feeder

bunker in feeder

Bunker in feeder

Challenge us with your parts!
Give us your parts we give you the automated production!

Automatic 8 pallet feeder


Automatic 20 pallet feeder

Multi tray in

Table automatic sorting and sliding feeder

Pallet in

Tray in-out feeder


Multi tray shaft feeder


Multi tray flange feeder


Part measuring unit


Part turning station

turning station

Part turning and transfer station

Part turning

Bunker in feeder

What does this button do?

Is this not a question your machine operator is daily confronted with? Perhaps you recognize the controller shown here. Perhaps you find it scary to look at, let alone interact with. It clearly radiates a complex and technical nature of interaction and understanding. You most likely need extensive training to control that thing - right?


Time for a change

We defined that any CNC operator should be able to use our Robotturn. Our concept is meant to make robotized turning cells more accessible and affordable. The complex pendant controller every robot maker is using is a huge bottleneck in that paradigm. The challenge consisted of redesigning the interface of the Robot. Rather than a pendant with hundreds of unknown buttons, that has been the standard since forever, we took a very innovative decision to use an interactive touchscreen with very simple graphic interaction, to control the robot-loader and kept the Lathe controller as standard. This means that the lathe can be used as standard CNC machine to make one single piece manually without interaction of the robot. All possible loading-unloading cycles are pre-programmed and the operator need only to fill in some of the values of the different stop/start points in the graphic interface. Simpler is not possible!

*Software may vary depending on the machine model. Image suggestion only for presentation.


Only the best brands in CNC controllers

As a CNC controller is the heart of a production machine, reliability is the most important factor today. Robotturn® selected the 3 most reliable suppliers on the market today to serve our robotized turning cells. Fanuc and Siemens as the most sold controllers in the world and Syntec as the best value in the market, fully stuffed with all the thinkable options. Our Standard machines are equipped with the high speed Syntec TA controller with 500/1000 block ahead reading function, all turning cycles, high speed computing, graphical interface, mechatrolink® serial bus, etc. Syntec, based on long term OEM production for major Japanese CNC makers, offers a reliable high quality and a great value for money CNC package, including many more options than any other maker for which you must not pay extra.


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