Robotturn XS Series

CNC Lathes Specifications

XS125 XS150
Bed type slant slant
Max. swing diameter 300 mm 350 mm
Max. turning diameter 270 mm 350 mm
Max. turning length 330 mm 420 mm
Max. bar through-hole 26 (35-39) mm 40 (45) mm
Spindle through hole 48 mm 52 (56) mm
X-axis travel 420 mm 420 mm
Z-axis travel 330 mm 330 mm
W-axis travel na mm na mm
X/Z axis 20 m/min 20 m/min
Spindle nose size A2-5 A2-5
Spindle servo motor power 3.7/5.5 kW 5.5/7.5 kW
Spindle speed range 0~5000 (opt 6000) rpm 0~5000 (opt 6000) rpm
Work piece clamping method 36 collet 42 collet
Work piece clamping method 5” hydraulic chuck 6″ hydraulic chuck
Number of tools 5 PCS 5 (3+8 with turret)
Toolholder type T-slot bladerow (+ turret opt) T-slot bladerow (+ turret opt)
Rotary tools +spindle head (opt) +spindle head (opt)
Toolholder center height in radial 62 mm 62 mm
Tool size 20*20 mm 20*20 (25*25 opt)
Boring rod diameter 25 mm 25 mm
X/Z axis repeating positioning accuracy 2µm 2µm
Cooling tank capacity 120 L 120 L
Hydraulic tank capacity 60 L 60 L
Required electric power 12 kVA 14 (15 with turret) kVA
Height from floor to spindle center ≈1070 mm ≈1070
Overall size (L*W*H) 1850*1750*1750 mm 1850*1750*1750 mm
Net weight without options and robot ≈2400 kg ≈2400 (2600 with turret)



Our new generation compact turning centers machines incorporate a wide range of enhancements that make Robotturn lathes better than ever. Our engineers reviewed and improved all aspects including motion control, integration of automation systems for material handling, coolant containment, chip evacuation, ergonomics, and serviceability – to create the highest quality, most reliable turning centers machine tools available.

• High Performance combined with compact design
• High flexibility: bar and chuck work
• Option for automation peripherals and software designs to meet any need.


Packed with industry leading technology and top-quality components, the Robotturn XS-series turning centers combine power, strength, and speed to bring you the Ultimate Machining Power. These high-speed lathes will easily accomplish the demanding turning applications of today and tomorrow. Furthermore, with optional available live tooling and C-axis capabilities; milling, turning applications may be completed in one single machine.

The turning centers new design provides smooth chip disposal and easier operator access. Steel way covers and special steel wipers moulded with industrial strength rubber are used for durability. Fully enclosed splashguards keep chips and coolant contained for a safe clean working environment. The lathe auto lubrication system delivers metered amounts of lubrication to the slide ways, ball screws, and vital components. Distribution is automatically shut off during idling to prevent waste.


The XS Lathe range consists of a rigid flatbed structure made of high quality cast iron featuring high stability and good vibration dampening capacity.

All the main casting components of the lathes are structural analysed by finite element methods (FEM). The boundary conditions are assigned reasonably and adequately to optimize the structures and rib distribution of the base, saddle and headstock to reach high rigidity and better stability.
The headstock is mounted on the same surface of the guide ways. This design shortens the transmission path of cutting force and stabilizes the cutting capability.


Precision hand scraped
Contact surfaces of headstock and ball screw bearing housings with the machine bed are precision hand scraped to provide maximum assembly precision, structural rigidity, and load distribution.

The headstock is analysed by FEM to reach high rigidity and stability. The spindle inside the headstock is supported by two high precision angular contact ball bearings and a single row roller bearing. The span between bearings is optimized to sustain radial, axial and varyingly compound loads. All these features make it meet the requirements of high speed and precision cutting.

Main Spindle
The precision direct belt drive system provides greater spindle control, flexibility and serviceability. Pulley ratios fine tune the motor’s maximum RPM to match the spindle’s maximum RPM, which result in full output at the lowest RPM possible.
Cartridge type independent Spindle is provided with high precision ball bearings and is in direct drive by the main motor through timing belt. Spindle is also provided with hydraulic cylinder and pull tube for the hydraulic chuck actuation.

Optional build-in direct driven Main Spindle
Robotturn® XS Lathes models are optional available with built-in spindle motors, which eliminate traditional belts and pulleys. This advanced of the turning center system provides faster spindle response, reduces vibration and power loss, which translate to faster cycle times, higher accuracy, and lowers maintenance costs.

High precision linear guideways
High precision linear guideways are directly mounted onto the machine bed and saddle. The contact surfaces are precision machined and widely spaced for maximum strength. The design also provides the rigidity needed for heavy duty and interrupted turning applications.
Noise is minimized during the feed due to the application of the high precision Guide. Feed rate is outstanding, which contributes to enhancing productivity.

Double Anchored Ball Screw
X and Z axes are driven by over-sized servo motors, providing tremendous thrust outputs with faster acceleration and deceleration. Each axis is designed with a large diameter ball-screw, fixed by double anchors on both ends to provide high rigidity and minimize thermal distortion.


C3 class hardened and precision ground ball screws ensure the highest accuracy and possible. Plus, pretension on all axes minimizes thermal distortion.

Accuracy tests done on our Robotturn Turning Centers
o Roundness/Circularity : 0.45µm
o Roughness) : 0.8 µm Rmax

Cutting condition
Spindle Speed: 1,600 rpm
Material: AL
Nose R of tool: Diamond R 0.8
Depth of cut: 0.022 mm
Feed: 0.03 mm/rev.
Dia. of work: Ø32 mm

o Thermal stable Cutting Accuracy : 3,8 µm deviation max
Cutting condition
Material: Brass
Spindle Speed: 2.400 rpm
Depth of cut: 1.6 mm
Feed: 0.3 mm/rev.
Coolant: Use
Dia. of work: Ø40 [2 pass cut]



Our linear turret substantially reduces idle time and increase the precision

To answer the requirements imposed by severe operation time restrictions, the machine is equipped with a linear turret that doesn’t need to be indexed. The machine has also been given a simpler construction, which improves its rigidity and so allows more accurate machining.

Eliminating the turret tool-change reduces drastically the production time and increases the turning precision with one class.

Optional turret increases the tooling capacity to the maximum
Combine the high precision of a linear slide of our gang-type lathe with the multiposition turret and you get a powerful and very flexible combination of precision and production.

Optional Drilling milling unit with Y-axis make the most complex part simple
Complex parts? We always can give you a solution. We have many solutions than what we can show here.


• Ball screws & linear guideways……………….. PMI/HIWIN (Japan/Taiwan)
• Bearings……………………………………………….. NTN (Japan)
• Motors/drivers………………………………..…….. YASKAWA/FUJI (Japan)
• Controller……………………………………………… SYNTEC/FANUC/SIEMENS (taiwan /Japan /Germany)
• Electronic switching parts……………………… SCHNEIDER /SIEMENS (France/Germany)
• Hydraulic cylinder & parts……………………… Taiwan
• Pneumatic parts….………………………………… SMC (Japan)